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Penetration Testing and Application Security

I have developed and practiced a very efficient attack methodology that has proven itself effective repeatedly against some of the worlds largest tech companies and their bug bounty programs. I combine industry standard tools and techniques with many of my own. Any issues identified and reported come with concise recommendations for remediation.

Automated Vulnerability Assessment

With excellent familiarity of the leading security scanning software and tools I can add value to a standard automated vulnerability assessment. All issues identified by automation are manually examined to ensure you are only alerted of the real issues that effect you or your organisation.

Security Consulting and Incident Response

Need help recovering from an attack or hack? I have a wealth of experience dealing with security incidents of any scale and investigating breaches. I can also examine your defense strategy based on best practice and give advice on what should work best for you or your organisation.



Ciaran McNally (trading as Securit Consulting) has been operating as an independent security consultant for the past 4 years; providing specialist security services for below market rates. Working both directly with organisations or as a sub-contractor for other boutique security firms.

Securit offers something different and of more value to your organisation than a weak automated report from a standard tool, which is often found within the security industry. The advice provided will help you maintain a defense posture that if sustained will protect you going into the future.

Ciaran has acquired a wide range of experience working as a contracted software developer, a student network engineer in HEAnet, as a consultant within Rits Information Security and most recently as a contracted application security engineer for Bugcrowd.

Securit Consulting currently has clients in the ecommerce, healthcare and software tech industries, including multiple startup and media organizations from the national and international community.

Ciaran is OSCP certified and has a continuous drive to upskill. Between contracts, time has been spent exploring the world of bug bounties, having much success in maintaining a top 100 position consistently for the past 3-4 years on the Bugcrowd and HackerOne platforms.

Ciaran has created tools, techniques and frameworks that can be applied against any sized organisation, many of which are open source and were received well by peers in the security community (Github). Ciaran takes massive pride in his aim to always exceed the expectations for his clients, always advising in accordance with best practice and offering vendor independent recommendations ensuring solutions that provide the best bang for buck.

Ciaran McNally

Trading as Securit Consulting

Pricing is often much cheaper than large security firms.
But my results are very often better...

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